Hello World!

A few months ago, I had made the first commit (a version 1.0) to my [first project on GitHub](https:github.com/sourya/codoo). (GitHub is like an office for programmers)1. I had known programming for 7 years and this was the first useful thing I’d created2. Then I never got around to improving it. I just got bored and moved on to other stuff.

Probably that’s the reason I’ve never done anything noteworthy. I’ve never felt commitment towards anything. I’ve started a lot of projects, built a version 1 for some and then stopped. I want to do a lot of things (play guitar well, play good basketball, learn a lot about programming and electronics, build my own motorcycle, go to space, build my own drone… Ahem! OK, that’s it), have tried doing all of them, and then stopped doing them. I just can’t decide what to do.

To deal with myself(!), I set three goals today:

  1. Write this blog post (Done :D)
  2. Learn some programming stuff (Standard template library)
  3. Solve 3 programming puzzles (Codeforces Contest 270)

Hopefully I’ll do all three. It’s pretty easy.

I don’t know how this blog will help other people, but I hope this will increase my accountability towards my goals. Maybe, by writing this blog, I’ll be able to find some answers to my “commitment problem”. And then other morons, who are as confused or uncommitted as I am, might find this useful.3

A note on the blog’s name: I named it Going da Vinci because I’ll strive to be like him. I am not the genius he was, have no innate talent, but working hard, I might be able to be at least a little bit like him, and do a lot of things, and do them well (except paint of course). I got the idea for the name from this article.

Update: As it turns out, I completed all three goals for the day, and have never set another goal since.

[1]That’s the only analogy I could think of. Programmers, please excuse me for being so crude.

[2]It isn’t actually useful, but I like to think that it is. ;)

[3]Although confusion follows no rules (it wouldn’t be called confusion if it did), hopefully its symptoms and treatment are the same.


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